Future prophecies - warlords rising

Beyond the events around the change of the millennium, it appears that conflicts between Christian and Islamic nations have the potential to occur. This could involve one or a combination of the following nations: Iran, Afghanistan, Algeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, various nations of the former Soviet Union, and others; against Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, and various allies of these nations.

One of the common debates was whether or not “the Messiah” was actually two people (or twins) since it seemed impossible to them that one person could accomplish both of the Messiah’s “goals” (Isaiah 61:1-3).

Other recent proofs of an approaching doomsday apocalypse in or around 2012, is a process called "magnetic pole shift". This shift, which is happening right now as we speak, could be the only other plausible explanation (besides from the sun or an approaching body), for the strange weather, crust and magma phenomenon that have occurred recently on a global scale... "Magnetic north, which is the place where compass needles actually point, is near but not exactly in the same place as the geographic North Pole. Right now, magnetic north is close to Canada's Ellesmere Island. The magnetic north pole had moved little from the time scientists first located it in 1831. Then in 1904, the pole began shifting northeastward at a steady pace of about 9 miles (15 kilometers) a year. In 1989 it sped up again, and in 2007 scientists confirmed that the pole is now galloping toward Siberia at 34 to 37 miles (55 to 60 kilometers) a year." — The point is (I believe) that the North Pole not only moves South, but that it actually moves toward facing the Sun! Does extra-input of magnetically charged-plasma from the Sun cause Earth's poles to shift?, or is the approach of Planet X from the Earth's south causing the poles to shift? Two same magnetically-charged sides will not unite to one-another but reject one and the other. In the same way will a magnets north align to a magnets south by this same force of law. Thus, south pole of earth may very well be forced to "shift" by the greater force of magnetism from the approaching planet x, (which is believed to approach earth from the south, or from below the earth – depending on how you look at it).

Evidence do show that our poles have relocated in the past, and they will probably relocate again. Regardless of what caused the shift, the poles would be relocated and climates everywhere would change dramatically. Lands of ice would melt and cause incredible floods. The new poles would freeze over, with the intense cold instantly killing life. Deserts would gain moisture; rainforests would dry up. Flora and fauna would need to adapt to the new conditions or become extinct. If all the regions of our planet previously had different climates, and the transition had been violent, then we would expect some evidence to have been found...

Some of the "newer" information covered in this article is not found in our film. But you will find much more information on these very same topics (not covered in this article) in our film, which can be seen at , and which has some good information about what may be causing these disasters that seem to be increasing and what is to be expected in the future, which is based on science and not speculation. A lot of people are blaming HAARP for these massive Earthquakes and Natural Disasters, but that is not the cause, it's something else which no man but God has control over. With that said - all these things now happening before our eyes, was in fact foretold in both the bible and catholic prophecy well in advance, and that's precisely what our videos, this article, and coming doomsday is all about!

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Subsequently, there are few examples of the prophetic and certain other gifts (until the Scottish Covenanters like Prophet Peden and John Wishart ). Prophecy and certain other spiritual gifts were somewhat rarely acknowledged throughout church history. From 1904 to 1906, the Azusa Street Revival occurred in Los Angeles, California and is sometimes considered the birthplace of the Pentecostal movement . This revival is well known for the " speaking in tongues " that occurred there. Some participants of the Azusa Street Revival are claimed to have prophesied. Pentecostals believe prophecy and certain other gifts are once again being given to Christians. The Charismatic Movement , which began to move into mainline denominations, also accepts spiritual gifts like speaking in tongues and prophecy.

According to Shi‘ite tradition, an early sign of his return came with the 1979 Iranian revolution, which set up an Islamic state to provide fighters for an army led by the Mahdi to wage war in Syria after sweeping through the Middle East.

Prophecy involves a process in which one or more messages are allegedly communicated by a god. Such messages typically involve inspiration, interpretation, or ...

Future Prophecies - Warlords RisingFuture Prophecies - Warlords RisingFuture Prophecies - Warlords RisingFuture Prophecies - Warlords Rising