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Have you ever wondered why you don't get along with some people? It may well be because you have a different personality than them. There are four personality types. Below you will find out which you are.

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Political Ideology Survey. Which political party do you belong to? Many factors contribute to a person's choice of political party . Research indicates that the ...

All three tied states have swing seats in play in the election. In addition, another three states where Republicans hold narrow majorities in the delegations also have swing seats in play: Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. If the election swings Democratic down ballot, all six of those states could go to Democrats which would mean Democrats would control 20 states to the Republican’s 30.

To be sure, a formal measurement program for an individual program will be useful for large, expensive events. But what about the rest of the business events that are scheduled throughout the year – is it possible to apply event measurements to the hundreds of smaller events that are planned throughout the year?

Take the survey below to help you determine your political party preference. You must take this survey before moving forward.

A contract is an agreement made between two or more parties that is enforceable by law. The enforcement aspect of a contract is important, because without the ability to enforce an agreement, neither party is required to honor the contract. Determining whether an agreement is enforceable is relatively simple.

Represented by attorney Daniel Petrocelli at O'Melveny, the defendants point to Netflix's plans to spend $17 billion on content; the video investments from Apple, Google and Facebook; Hulu's 47 million unique viewers; Snapchat's Olympic plans; and Twitter's streaming of live NFL games. The defendants say we're living in the golden age of television.

  • Your Polling Place (where you vote, map & directions)
  • Districts for your precinct (including maps)
  • "Candidates on My Ballot" (candidates and questions on the ballot at your
        next election, when available)

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