Renfield - why aren't you laughing

Dude take your Progressive degenerate morals and go shove them Know what dude day of the Progressives is coming to an end.

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It’s not difficult to see how a rapid rotation of the head could potentially stretch the basilar arteries. Generally, chiropractors describe this as “high velocity, low amplitude” (HVLA), which it is, but, given the constraints of vertebral artery anatomy, high amplitude is not required to cause injury. With HVLA, it is quite possible to tear the intima (the lining of the artery consisting of vascular endothelial cells). Intimal tears become “sticky” for platelets, leading them to lodge there and start to form a clot. This is the same reason atherosclerotic plaques can lead to strokes when they are in the carotid artery and can cause myocardial infarctions (death of heart muscle; ., a heart attack) when in the coronary arteries. The “rough” area of the plaque is thrombogenic; ., has a tendency to attract platelets and cause clots. When a clot forms in such an injured area of intima, regardless of where the artery is, one of three things can happen. It can resolve completely, which is what usually happens; it can resolve but leave a narrowed segment of the artery as it resolves; or it can break off and flow further downstream, there to lodge where the artery narrows and block blood flow. When that happens in the brain, it’s called a stroke.

 · Vampire movies have been part of our culture for nearly a century now, and have gone through more permutations and transformations than the cinema of any ...

Wrong Turn - 2003; If you aren't holding your breath when they're hiding under the beds in the shack, perhaps you're already dead.

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Multiculturalism does not mean moral relativism, nor obsequious acceptance of all acts as “cultural expression”. It means one does not favor any given ethnicity, race or religion in official acts. It does not mean one forgoes ideas like civil liberties, public order or moral concepts. Multiculturalism is still not acceptance of stuff like: honor killings, child brides, human…

If you’d like to come along-  register today . The event will be taking place between 10am and 4pm on 23rd September at Renfield St Stephens, 260 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4JP.

Renfield - Why Aren't You Laughing